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Savage Beauty

I cannot believe I didn’t post about the Savage Beauty exhibition in association with Swarovski in London last year but there was sure enough buzz at the time.   I was busy in other matters but I finally get the […]

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2015 is well and truly over, I say bring on 2016! I haven’t posted on here as much as I would have liked to in 2015 but in the latter part of the year my instagram, Facebook and tumblr accounts […]

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German Christmas Market

My recent and first trip to the south of Germany was great.  I can now say I have experienced the famous German Christmas market.  It was cold, bright and it was busy.  I got to taste the strongest mulled wine […]

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I wanted to share my experience about my visit to the Banksy bemusement park recently.  It was political and poignant in places and it made me stop and think.  It also made me laugh and made me smile, a lot. […]

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Everyone has style.  Most of us have no personal stylist to help us make the best of ourselves, though with the likes of different shops,  online sites and new apps offering this service you may indeed have your own stylist […]

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Cotton Candy Machine

You may be initially thinking don’t you mean candy floss? Well no, though I do love a sugar rush from that sweet sticky fluffiness on a stick but what I want to talk about is no ordinary machine maker… On […]

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