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Clarks… who knew

  A friend and I took a visit this year to a shoe museum located in Street, Somerset, UK. I don’t know what I was expecting apart from I knew we would see a lot of shoes but we got […]

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I wanted to share my experience about my visit to the Banksy bemusement park recently.  It was political and poignant in places and it made me stop and think.  It also made me laugh and made me smile, a lot. […]

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Everyone has style.  Most of us have no personal stylist to help us make the best of ourselves, though with the likes of different shops,  online sites and new apps offering this service you may indeed have your own stylist […]

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Vegas Rocks!

I have recently come back from one of my favourite places on this earth and I assume from the title you have guessed correctly, its Las Vegas, Nevada. I have been lucky enough that this was my fifth visit and […]

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