You may be initially thinking don’t you mean candy floss? Well no, though I do love a sugar rush from that sweet sticky fluffiness on a stick but what I want to talk about is no ordinary machine maker…

On 9th April 2011, the Cotton Candy Machine (CCM) opened its doors. This machine is an art boutique which provides us visually stimulated humans wonderful and original art to gaze at, admire and purchase for our pleasure. They, being the owner/directors of the machine Tara McPherson and Sean Leonard, focus on talent from a variety of artists with original art and showcase these in various ways for us to enjoy.  You have the opportunity to buy such things as prints, clothing, homewares, accessories, books and toys. Not only does the machine produce these wonders but they also host art shows, attend events and signings internationally.

CCM is also the exclusive distributor of all Tara McPherson’s art . If you have not seen the pop surrealism art produced by Tara then please check out the machine and continue to stick with me at Babb Rocks as I will be continuing to showcase her great work on following posts as well as other artists that float my boat.

CCM is based in Brooklyn, NYC and I have to say that I am impressed by what the whole team accomplish as well as the artists who exhibit. Their customer service is fast and friendly. You can just tell that anyone who works, exhibits or visits the boutique have colours running through their veins. Their environment looks infectious, in a good way of course not in a deadly virus zombie kind of way.

When I’m back in New York I will be making a visit across to Brooklyn to get infected and who knows what I may pick up… fabulous art, books and toys of course!  In the meantime though I can continue to browse & purchase online to satisfy my needs until such time.

Hats off to the team and machine for opening art up to the masses in this way! Please take a visit in person or online to support artwork produced by skilled human creatives. If you cannot visit in person at least check out CCM on and if you can buy a little/big something to keep small businesses like this going, please do.

Evolution of Language

Evolution of Language

The handy work of Tara McPherson from her “lost constellations” collection.

The Love Space Gives Is as Deep as the Oceans

The Love Space Gives Is as Deep as the Oceans

The cushion displayed is of Tara’s “Bunny in the Moon” collection.

Title image displayed is courtesy of the well oiled CCM itself, thank you.  For general information for the Machine: For answers to questions, jokes, or a chit chat contact the store! You can tell them some jokes too. Email- Phone- 718.387.3844