I have recently come back from one of my favourite places on this earth and I assume from the title you have guessed correctly, its Las Vegas, Nevada.

HRH Pool

I have been lucky enough that this was my fifth visit and each time the place just makes me very happy and I have the best time.  I actually used to think how could someone keep going back each year to the same place when there are so many countries and places to visit, but I now get it.

I don’t want to feel stressed on holiday, such as trying to figure out how to get somewhere or having the pressure of choosing which restaurant will be best to eat in.  Having to make decisions on holiday is so exhausting so to go somewhere familiar takes some of these anxieties away.

I have stayed on the strip before and enjoyed this thoroughly but for the past 3 years I have stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel, in the HRH Tower.  HRH provides a boutique style stay with great service all whilst banging rock tunes play out, not only throughout the casino and restaurants 24/7, but pool side to. You even get thousands of songs to choose from in the comfort of your own suite. I know this kind of holiday wouldn’t be up everyones street or should I say strip (sorry very poor joke),  but for me the style, the music and the great food just makes this feel like home from home for me just with better weather.

One tip if you go to Vegas; HRH itself is too far from the strip to walk in heels and even if you are on the strip most of the hotels are so big they look so close you think you could walk to them but don’t be fooled.  Some or most are quite a way from each other. So the rule is if in heels taxi everywhere, if in trainers walk the walk or take a taxi if you can’t be bothered.

This year I watched Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds at The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel. The band and Noel were great, the seats were fantastic and so close I could hear Noel’s actual voice and not just from the speakers at the back.

Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds gig

Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds gig at The Joint

Other shows I have been to over the years includes Billy Idol at the Palms, Guns and Roses at The Joint, The Beatles Love Cirque du Soleil at The Mirage and I have also seen Terry Fator. He is the ventriloquist who won Americas Got Talent. I have this thing about puppets, nothing weird but I just like these kind of acts. I think its because I feel like a kid again and I get to enjoy good comedy to. There is such a variety of big or small shows you have plenty to choose from.

Another show I saw this year was a street dance group called Jabawockeez at the Luxor. A group of people in masks with no voices or words spoken throughout the show but through their dance, music and body language they provided me with gut wrenching laughs so much I had tears streaming down my face. They also had the whole auditorium up and involved in the show to. If you haven’t seen them please check them out on You Tube to see their skills. Photos and video footage was strictly prohibited as soon as I entered the theatre so I cannot share anything visual with you guys. All I can say is that it did out shine a couple other shows I have seen previously so worth a visit and especially if you are into dance.

Never say never but I cannot see me getting bored of Vegas.  This is my summer holiday in the sun relaxing by the pool in the day with great food and a lot of fun to be had at night with a touch of gambling on the side whenever I get the urge. If I get the chance to visit again I will.

Las Vegas doesn’t sleep so there is always something or somewhere to go whatever time of day and night!

Carousel made out of flower at the Wynn

Carousel made out of flowers at the Wynn

$100 chip

$100 chip – won a few of these, then lost a few of these…

Glow in the dark KISS mini golf

Glow in the dark KISS mini golf

The final hurdle of KISS mini golf

The final hurdle of KISS mini golf

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