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Everyone has style.  Most of us have no personal stylist to help us make the best of ourselves, though with the likes of different shops,  online sites and new apps offering this service you may indeed have your own stylist or perhaps even Gok Wan on speed dial, however I haven’t.  For me I love individuality which has to come from the heart.

You could be sporting a unique hairstyle or headwear or a cool choice in footwear.  Whether you believe something is in fashion or not, just wear what YOU want.  Is it fashionable? is not a closed question.  Just because its not on the runway now doesn’t mean that it won’t be in a year or two in one form or another.  Fashion always comes back with a little smidgen of something else to make it new again.  Fashion on the street also plays a part now to what may become high end as it makes its way up to the catwalks so in actual fact you may be ahead of the game.

To be honest I don’t follow trends. Personally I like to mix styles up depending how I feel on the day though it always has some sort of rock n roll vibe to it.  I will try anything once but there comes a point when you feel at your most comfortable.  Whether this is with your body shape and/or a particular style, this can happen at any age.

I have always loved shoes, bags and clothes from a very young age.  I was lucky enough to have a mother who let me explore this.  I have always felt confident in what I choose to wear and I know what I like or don’t like. It’s that feeling of “you know when you know” ,  that light bulb in your head switching on or listening to that gut feeling.  You just know when it feels right.  Whether anyone else thinks it looks good is irrelevant, I always dressed for me and no one else which I think is a healthy outlook.

Perhaps not having a school uniform until senior school encouraged my love for fashion.  This and growing up in the same village as a well known shoe heritage brand and about a dozen shoe shops in one high street to gaze at may have also played its part.  But even when we had a uniform the details were in the shoes, jewellery or rebelling against the uniform standards expected i.e. changing the length of skirt or wearing make up that wasn’t allowed.

I may be dressing for me but to know someone appreciates my style does feel good.  Whether its a piece of jewellery or if someone’s coloured top makes them shine, go ahead and speak up.  Go and tell them even if this is a stranger in the street or a shop assistant in the store.  Don’t feel disillusioned if you do not get a good reaction from the person, it could be just lack of practice in receiving such admiration but inside it will make them feel good and in turn you will feel good too.

And whilst I am on the subject of individuality, the pics shown are a couple of favourites of mine.  More to come about their makers soon…

Dinosaur necklace

Dinosaur necklace

A simple accessory of a black & white tie to jazz up a black T

A simple accessory of a black & white tie to jazz up a black T – it also matched my cigarette pants I was wearing at the time.

Lips Clutch

Lips Clutch