I wanted to share my experience about my visit to the Banksy bemusement park recently.  It was political and poignant in places and it made me stop and think.  It also made me laugh and made me smile, a lot.

The art and imagination was wonderful from all things like the back of the head portraits to the snake who ate Mickey Mouse. I particularly enjoyed my favourite ride on the carousal, the only thing I didn’t get to do… was to have a Mr Whippy with a flake.

The rain came which gave Dismaland the greater feeling of being down right dismal but the most enjoyable was from the rudeness and moodiness of the people working there.  You guys rocked it.  All I could do was laugh at them as they did a fantastic job.  I bet they loved being abusive and impolite to all customers.

I am grateful for Banksy and his team putting the time and money into the Tropicana venue.  Weston Super Mare (aka Weston Super Mud) was a childhood favourite and I still visit now.  I have good memories of this place so I hope this has generated public attention to the area as well and more people/families continue to enjoy WSM, even if dismaland has been dismantled.

Word of warning; be careful if you eat your fish n chips outside… you never know when a seagull may pounce or poo on them (I’m talking from experience, luckily it wasn’t my chips but it was a friend of mine).

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