One of my favourite times of year is here.  There is just something about the beginning of dark nights, autumn leaves and the sense of something spooky in the air.

For years and years I have enjoyed horror/scary and fantasy movies, candles burning and reading my tarot cards.  Today the cards will come out and I get to play a marathon of such movies all through this special day and night.

I know Halloween is a festival about remembering the departed including saints but to me and possibly others it is also feeling like this time of year is a celebration for the way I live.   So I question if I celebrate this day as a means to acceptance?  For what some feel is obscure to others (including me) is the norm.  I see families dress up, put out the decorations full of skulls, ghosts, black cats & witches hats and enjoy the darker side.

So bring on The Craft, The Lost Boys and get out the spooky treats.  I don’t believe my curiosity will ever wane from magic, vampires, werewolves and witches…


Spooky Treats


Breaking Bad Pump

Baddest pumpkin ever!