I cannot believe I didn’t post about the Savage Beauty exhibition in association with Swarovski in London last year but there was sure enough buzz at the time.   I was busy in other matters but I finally get the chance to share some of my thoughts about this amazing demonstration of workmanship and creativity from a legend of a fashion designer, Lee Alexander McQueen.

As I walked through the show it appeared Alexander McQueen did what he wanted.  He was inspired by all things on this earth and he had a fantastic imagination. He was honest and would push the public’s boundaries which got them engaged and curious and wanting to know more.

One of my preferences was the Highland Rape collection from 1995.  I soon realised I liked structure with a juxtapose position so a tailored jacket over a ballgown floats my boat.  I was also intrigued re the undercurrent feelings to the term rape meaning the collection was in reflection to the rape of Scottish culture by the English.  This collection saw Alexander McQueen reference his Scottish heritage and his clothing was fashioned from his own tartan of the MacQueen clan.


Original photo by Richard Young.  This is Alexander McQueen and Sarah Jessica Parker at The Metropolitan Museum of Art gala.

My favourite part of the exhibition at the V&A museum in London was the cabinet of curiosity showing the collaborations and in particular with Philip Treacy.  It is no wonder they would work together on many occasions., such talent.  It also gave a great insight into the small details given to the accessories and showed the famous dress spray painted as part of the finale from the No. 13 collection of 1999.


Original photo by Anthea Simms.  This is a butterfly headdress made by Philip Treacy for Alexander McQueen for the collection of La Dame Bleue, Spring/Summer 2008.


Original photo by Chris Moore.  Dress No. 13, Spring/Summer 1999.

Throughout the exhibition you were not allowed to take photos so I did what I was told and didn’t take one.  The shots displayed are from my own belongings which includes imagery from a book that I bought which was made to coincide with this amazing display.  The book is edited by Claire Wilcox and published by the V&A which can be bought from the V&A Museum. If you are interested in fashion or photography I would recommend this book for the visual content as well as the fascinating stories of such a wonderful sensitive visionary.

Not enough words can describe the feelings this exhibition evoked in me, emotional yes and provocative oh yes.


Print from my tote bag.


Book as described above.


Pocket mirror with the imagery from the Plato’s Atlantis, Spring/Summer 2010 collection.