I wanted to share one of my current addictions; a fairly newish fashion app in the name of Villoid.  Villoid was made by Alexa Chung who is a style icon and Jeanette Dyhre Kvisvik who is a tech entrepreneur. Both who have a passion for fashion.

This is an app that allows you to build style boards using your own photos or shared images together with the vast amount of clothing and accessories from various fashion designers and brands.

The clever part comes in where any items you love starts to compile into your love list and when an item becomes available for sale this lets you know in your activity option and you can just click to go buy it.

This app has allowed me to explore more from different designers which I didn’t know would suit my personaility so much, hello Saint Laurent, but it has helped shaped my IG account with more of a mixture of fashion with music, films, animals, art and more.

So thank you for the support to the growing community on Villoid and I hope that more brands see what a special place this is.

Just a few style boards below to give you a taster… if you want to see more go to instagram and hook up with BABBROCKS or join VILLOID and follow me there.


True blue; A Sunday vinyl inspo which happens often.


House of Holland dress inspired style board.



Mix n Match they all go together!



On a cold winters day you just need to snug.


Pulp Fiction inspo, get ready to twist…



Roller Derby Inspo.