Further to Leonardo Dicaprio winning his first oscar last night and using his platform to ask people not to take for granted the planet we live on I thought it would be a good time to share with you all that I agree with him.

We live on a beautiful planet.  I personally try to appreciate what I have and see, yes I am one of those annoying people who tries to be positive about everything with a glass half full etc etc!  It doesn’t matter where you live, in the city, countryside or anywhere else, there are some wonderful moments I try to recognise when I’m out and about so not to take life for granted.

To give you an idea from my perspective; when I visit the seaside, as I get close to my destination the smell gently hits me and I take a deep breath in of the sea air.  Or when I catch a glimpse of the sea up ahead, I go back to my childhood days and get excited like I am 8 years old again and shout I can see the sea before anyone else, yes that does make me the winner.  Another is when the sun hits me through a window and warms my face when I’m feeling cold from long winter days, the sun shining just helps me feel that little bit better.

If our average life expectancy is around 80 years old, when you break this down that is only actually 80 winters, 80 springs, 80 summers and 80 autumns that we will experience living in the UK.  However with climate change this may differ in our future.  I hope I haven’t made you feel depressed, the 80 years thing was something that has stuck with me from when I read this many many years ago so I try to remember life is short and we are all playing our part in the cycle of life.

Not only are the seasons themselves fab but with cameras on mobile devices nowadays we can capture nature in a snap shot just look at Instagram! I like the quirky side of nature, something wonderful and weird, something that makes you want to take a closer look, something unexpected.  I enjoy capturing photos of nature it reminds me what inspiration it can give and how we are privileged to share our planet. For example being able to take a great photo of butterflies, as those suckers don’t tend to hang around, is an accomplishment for me.  So I thought I would share a couple of snaps with you below.

We can all play our part and treat living creatures and our planet with the respect it needs and deserves!  Start with small steps…


I have no idea what this plant is but the colour is gorgeous.


Honey Bee going about its business in my garden.


Shot this little beauty in the back garden.


This butterfly was shot whilst I was on a break in Corfu some years ago.