I am becoming a more conscious consumer and want to be part of a more sustainable future for me, my loved ones and for the sake of next generations to come.  This is why I am backing Safia Minney’s upcoming project “Slave to Fashion”.  Safia is the founder of people tree and helped bring issues forward with the film The True Cost and empowers our knowledge with brilliant books such as Slow Fashion.

If the environment is something you always put to the back of your mind as you think what difference can I make?  I urge you to bring it forward as each and every one of you can help.  When you start to educate yourself further you get to explore the inhumane practices that happen behind closed doors whether in the clothing industry or farming industry.

Its so easy to become part of this fashion movement with using Kickstarter ( or at  You can pledge from just £5 to this project and be part of its progression.  Imagine how you will feel when you see the Slave to Fashion book on the bookshelves and know you helped make this happen.