I opened up a portal to a galaxy not so far far away to a new fashion dimension.  Ok its not that new and has been around for some years. I have dipped my toe in before but more recently I have found myself being pulled further inside and I must admit I am feeling excited.

This fashion portal is opening up ethical fashion but not as you may think. So what the hell am I talking about?  More and more I am seeing great design and styles within ethical fashion with what may have been previously perceived as hippie or just african prints from fair trade. Well not no more.

With advances in technology and social media it has opened up our world to a whole new realm.

You may be thinking… what does ethical mean and look like?

I thought I would firstly explain what ethical means to me in this post and from here onwards, Babbrocks will show you the vast number of concept stores and eco conscious designs and people that are rocking this fashion movement or blasting through this fashion portal.  I am getting on this rocket ship for the ride and I hope you will to.

To be ethical means; organisations/companies who avoid activities that harm animals, people and/or the environment or all 3 if we are lucky.  It is that simple but unfortunately these ethics are not mainstream or coincide with fast fashion but together it can be if we make conscious decisions when purchasing products.

Till next time….

Products in photo displayed courtesy of Asos.