Ethical Collection Gaucho pants – Organic Cotton

To demonstrate my previous post, Fashion Portal, I have edited a number of styles with products from Ethical Collection London or ECL, if you like abbreviations, who are an eco-luxury boutique in the UK.

ECL shows that ethical does not compromise on quality nor design which is what I have been looking for.  You can rock their pieces and accessories, as displayed above and below of a few selected choices, for any occasion.  I have mixed ECL items with other sustainable products which are either mine (bought by me and being continually worn) or from companies who have sound ethics, to show you can mix and match a variety of items.

ECL curate a collection of ethical products from talented designers across the globe.  All this whilst supporting sustainable projects.  The items are made with passion and compassion.  ECL help promote awareness to the impact of decisions to leave the world in a better place for future generations.  They give an alternative view to clothes which helps my aesthetic and rock style and they also don’t follow trends which is why they are a firm favourite of mine.

I am delighted to showcase ECL as it is one of the first companies I have come across whose  chosen garments show innovation in its construction without feeling the need to play it safe and simple.  Don’t get me wrong I love a basic t-shirt or organic cotton shirt but I cannot ignore my edgyness.  You can shop at their site in the know that all items are honourable.

Ethical Collection, myself and many others want a fashion industry to make a start at least to:

  • preserve traditional skills
  • to not exploit its workers
  • to not harm or pollute our planet
  • provide opportunities

You and I can make positive changes without settling for a less quality service by shopping at Ethical Collection London.

I see a vast amount of openness from a number of ethical brands and companies which I will continue to support and showcase at BabbRocks.  The meaning of Fashion seems to have lost its way with the wake of fast fashion but some designer/luxury brands have retained their integrity and I am finding more and more viable sources too.

To buy from ethical brands doesn’t mean expensive either.  You don’t have to compromise on style or price.  What resonates with me is the phrase I believe said by Lucy Siegle… fast fashion isn’t free, someone somewhere is paying.  As the majority of workers behind clothes and accessories are women, you wouldn’t want your mum, auntie, sister or daughter being taken advantage of in their workplace so lets lead the way and shop with this in mind.

As I continue my search into ethical fashion and sustainable lifestyle, so far I feel there are a lot of mixed messages and I don’t want myself or you reading this to get confused or feel anxious of doing the wrong thing.  The one element I have identified with is I can and now am a conscious consumer.  Whether I buy from companies or brands who have transparency and good ethics to #30wears (if you haven’t seen this initiative from Lucy Siegle the meaning behind #30wears is when you see a piece of clothing or product you want to buy, ask yourself first if you will wear this at least 30 times, if yes go ahead and buy, if not, put the garment down and step away).  Its just this one simple question to yourself which will soon help you to becoming a conscious consumer too.

What I hope this post will do is to promote ethical is fashionable and ECL are at the forefront.


Ethical Collection – Indigo Chambray Shirt – Organic Cotton. Lulu Guinness Lips Clutch bag and Topshop Limited Edition ankle boots



Ethical Collection – Artisan made Aegan Mini Dress. You can wear this in the day then add a Stella McCartney bag and bomber jacket with Balenciaga wedges for evening.



Ethical Collection Narrow Strip Warrior Bracelets and Geometric Clutch bags. Edun slip dress and Vivienne Westwood & Melissa peep toe sling back heels (very Game of Thrones dragon wings).



Ethical Collection Artisan Made Trousers – Crepe de Chine. Tome top, Givenchy stud cuff, Stella McCartney sunglasses and Reformation fringe bag.



Ethical Collection – Inca Abaya – Black dress. Vivienne Westwood stud earrings and sandals.



Ethical Collection – Cocolux candles. Yes they also do homeware items too!