For anyone who has checked out my blog recently you all know I am on a journey, there I said it, the over used J word, makes a change from the usual F word!  Nonetheless yes I am on a journey, a path to enlightenment and/or rocketing in my mission to find ethical goodness in lifestyle and fashion.

Having always been interested in fashion I was given a book for my birthday about green fashion years ago.  I was disillusioned at that time because I could not find any cool edgy ethical clothing that would suit my aesthetic.  Don’t get me wrong I buy to keep an item of clothing for years with many wears but no-where, not even on the big old internet, could I find design led rocking pieces.  I am glad to say this has changed, yay!

With many social media platforms we are all sharing more and I am finding all across the world many ventures who are now helping the conscious consumer like me.

My-Fair-Shop sells more than clothing for men and women.  They sell products that are sustainable in some way.  From local production to helping charity organisations to recycled plastic furniture.  I am loving that not only can I buy fashion from an ethical source  but this team helps me change my lifestyle habits to.  They cater for people, nature, quality and not forgetting they are design led.

I like one offs and My-Fair-Shop produces unique products due to using recycled material so goods are not completely identical, which always gets a tick in my box.  When you purchase products you should also find the packaging is interesting to.

I have particularly chosen to display some of my faves from My-Fair-Shop below.  Don’t blame me if they are already out of stock!  These items will definitely help you keep your rock style in check, just add ankle boots, a studded bag and a scarf wherever!