Raise a glass! I recently celebrated a special B-day (though isn’t every birthday special?) where the number doesn’t bother me, its 40 in case you were wondering. The number doesn’t define me or any of us.  Age is nothing but a number.  Don’t get me wrong its an accomplishment, especially since I used to smoke and drink quite a bit in the nineties.

I used to play around with mySpace back in the day but I am definitely enjoying social media more now.  I see so much support towards people and their lifestyles no matter how old or young.

All ages flow together and seem keen to learn from each other.  We are happy to listen, hear about experiences and welcome people’s opinions and values. Thats the good side of social media.  I believe a culture shift is slowly happening.  We listen and see individuals for who they are, no labels attached, and its about time.

So as you have already seen other body parts of me on my blog and on IG, I thought it was time to show you the person behind Babbrocks!