I am in the middle of completing a fashion course through the University of Exeter and Fashion Revolution.  Its part of the fashion movement ‘Who made my clothes’ which I hope you have caught by now.  If you haven’t yet, they are a great source of inspiration and education towards what happens behind the clothes we wear.  To love fashion, I felt it was important to understand the process of how a garment is produced.  However, beware what you may find.

Below is a poem to sum up my story so far.  It started with a top I bought by Vivienne Westwood and even though one answer was given from them, not all was explained.  I knew answers wouldn’t just fall into my lap but more detective work is still needed.  I can’t tell you where the crop was grown or where the material is made or which seamstress and tailor put my top together.  What I can ask is for us to be curious and start thinking a little further before our next purchase.

I never used to think about where my clothes came from

I never used to think about how my clothes were made

I never used to think about the hours of work it takes

Now I know and think about these thoughts will never fade

I didn’t realise the chemicals used

So your crops could continue to grow

I didn’t realise you jeopardise your health

For your family and for your home

Sweat, blood and tears

Behind the scenes where nobody knows

Material is sewn and pieces put together

Companies never exposed

Shipped across half the world

To fill this week’s collection

Shops marketing schemes pulls you in

Anything to fill our addiction

Times are a changing

Education is key

Companies need to give us transparency

And all of us need to see.