Hello! I started this blog to share my voice about curiosities of life. My experiences, loves and passions in all sort of things which may or may not have an off beat edge. Babb Rocks is a place where people can feel free to express and appreciate the weird and wonderful whilst remembering to respect others. An understanding for the alternative if you will.

To give you an idea about me; I’m just a girl who has a bit of a potty mouth with multiple addictions to magazines, shoes, handbags and movies (to name a few) and have done since about 7 years old, I don’t mean I was swearing when I was 7, that came later.

I am a mad cat girl and animal lover, who likes a dose of PS4/XBOX gaming and is an enthusiastic devotee of movies.  I listen more than talk, perhaps this is why I started to blog so my voice is now getting some action. I love and appreciate style, I am very fond of a rock tune or two and I am someone who appreciates life is short, so tries to enjoy it as much as possible no matter what is thrown along the way.

My inspirations, passions and what floats my boat include, but by no means exhaustive; ethical fashion, media, an admiration of old and new style, environmental matters, beautiful places, animal welfare, human rights, photography, art, tattoos, holistic health and possibly more, there is no limit!

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to read this and visit Babb Rocks, please feel free to comment if anything takes your fancy.


PLEASE NOTE; photos on my website (good or bad) are either made by me or by personal friend photographers (unless stated otherwise), protected by copyright. Using them is no problem as long as they are for non-commercial purposes and you properly link back to For commercial purposes it’s forbidden to use them without prior consent so please get in touch.