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Easters Over Already?

Depending what industry you work in or what career you have, Easter can be great time off or it may go unnoticed.  I am fortunate to have had 4 days off. When I have weekends off the normal 2 days […]

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Savage Beauty

I cannot believe I didn’t post about the Savage Beauty exhibition in association with Swarovski in London last year but there was sure enough buzz at the time.   I was busy in other matters but I finally get the […]

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I wanted to share my experience about my visit to the Banksy bemusement park recently.  It was political and poignant in places and it made me stop and think.  It also made me laugh and made me smile, a lot. […]

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Vegas Rocks!

I have recently come back from one of my favourite places on this earth and I assume from the title you have guessed correctly, its Las Vegas, Nevada. I have been lucky enough that this was my fifth visit and […]

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